Fire Stables Horseback Riding Lesson Information

We offer horseback riding lessons for children and adults, our lessons are either private or group lessons.

What does it cost?

Private lessons are $60 when purchased individually. Riders are encouraged to join our Tuition System in which they purchase a month of lessons for a discounted rate of $55 per lesson. Semi-private lessons (2 riders) are $47 per lesson on the Tuition plan, and Group lessons are $40.00 per lesson on the Tuition plan.

We give lessons after school and into the early evenings Tuesday through Friday, and during the day on Saturday and Sunday. Please arrive ten minutes prior to your scheduled riding time to insure that you are ready to ride. Lessons will start at the scheduled time and any tardiness takes time away from your ride. Riders are welcome to stay for a few minutes after they ride if they want to help untack their horse.

How long are the lessons?A picture of a peeper ranch student

Private and Semi-Private lessons generally last approximately 30 minutes, and Groups are generally 45 minutes long. However, that can be a long time for a young person to ride. Some young riders do best with a shorter ride time. If that is the case with your rider, we will spend the rest of the time grooming the horse or learning more about horses in general. Lesson time is defined as the time from which the horse(s) and rider(s) enter the arena, to the time the exit the arena. Mounting/adjusting time is included in the allotted lesson time.

What should I wear?

You must wear long pants and closed shoes to your lesson. Shorts, skirts, and capri pants are not acceptable. Sandals or open-toed (or open-heeled) shoes are not safe.

Once you decide to continue riding for awhile, you will need riding pants (Kentucky jodhpurs) and a hard-soled ankle-high boot with a half-inch heel. We have a tack shop on the premises, so you may purchase these items here if you like. Please make sure you buy Kentucky jods (not breeches). You may be able to find an appropriate ankle-high boot at WalMart, Target or K Mart; it needs to be smooth-soled with a half-inch heel (no Vibram soles or hiking boots).

Age, Weight, and disabilities:

Many potential clients have asked for clarification of certain concerns such as age, weight and mild disabilities. To simplify the enrollment process we have formulated the following guidelines:

  • All riders must be at least 5 years of age and able to follow 3 step verbal instructions.
  • For the comfort and safety of the horse and rider, we use industry standard weight guidelines.
  • We have a few horses that can carry riders of 180-200 pounds, but they are in great demand, so please call ahead to ask whether those horses are available on the day(s) you wish to ride.
  • In addition to meeting the weight and age guidelines presented here, riders must be physically able to mount their horse unassisted, sit up straight, and hold reins tightly in both hands. (Balance and core body strength are of maximum importance.)
  • If you have concerns about any of these restrictions, please contact Nicole at

Please complete the Fire Stables Lesson Registration Form and the Fire Stables Liability Waiver Form prior to your first lesson.

Cancellation Policy:

Please cancel your riding lesson at least 24 hours in advance. Riders that do not cancelled their lesson at least 24 hours in advance will still be responsible for paying for the lesson, except in cases of bad weather or sudden illness.